Manostiles Danish Design

Straw Silicone

€89,00 EUR

Straws in silicone, beautiful and attractive from Manostiles. A good alternative to regular straws. Sustainable, we have thought about the environment. The straws can be used again and again - dishwasher safe, but not more than 60 degrees. Manostyle straws are made of 100% BPA free silicone. Free of PVC and phthalic.

Did you know that it helps to develop the child's language if you start early by practicing using/sucking from straws - my children were no more than 6 months old when I started letting them suck from straws .

Measurements: 0.5 cm - 25 cm, so they can also be used for tall glasses or silicone cups and cans. You can possibly cut at the bottom if you want them shorter.Colours: Summer's fresh colors - the burnt and douche tones

Tip: Clean with the supplied cleaning brush

Tip: Kind to the environment, used every day

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