Manostiles Danish Design

Bedding Haze 200x220

€499,00 EUR €899,00 EUR

Bedding for a double duvet from Manostiles. Bed linen in organic cotton is so deliciously soft and lasts for a long time. Is durable. Manostyle's bedding is a collection of a universe of Nordic colors and phenomena. The special ethereal Nordic light that hits the sea surface gives the bedding this beautiful colour. Bedding that invites you into dreamland. Bed linen with a design on one side and outside on the other, which gives a really nice look in your bedroom. With the Nordic Sea collection, we want to reflect this kind of uncomplicated aesthetics found at the surface of the sea.

Colour: Haze / Pink

Dimensions: 200x220 - Pillow 60x63 that includes 2 pillow covers.

Material: 100% organic cotton

Wash: 40 degrees

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