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Bedside Dandelion Gray Manostyles

€499,00 EUR €599,00 EUR

Manostyle's bedspread Dandelion Perfect Gray is inspired by the Danish nature and our beautiful dandelions. Bedspread Dandelion in the color Perfect Grey. The color has a soft and undertone of the clean and with a dusty and subdued look with the Dandelion design in the soft white color. The bed edge is designed to provide the best comfort and peace for your child. With Manostile's bed edge, you can create a small "cave" in the bed, which makes it safe for the child. The soft and organic quality forms the foundation for the Dandelion series, which clearly finds its inspiration in the Scandinavian nature. Danish nature is special and creates the special, ethereal, beautiful light that the dandelion enjoys. The ever-changing hues that eventually blend with the sun's warm glow. With the Dandelion collection, we want to reflect this kind of uncomplicated aesthetics found in Danish nature and in Nordic design.

Material: Organic Cotton

Dimensions: 350x30x4 cmWashing: We recommend cleaning as it is very difficult to get more than 3 meters of fabric on a strong mattress. The fabric can withstand being washed, you just have to be aware that it is very difficult to put on again and we recommend cleaning. Colour: Perfect Gray - Dandelion

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