Manostiles Danish Design

Ice molds Silicone Gray

€129,00 EUR

Manostyles silicone ice molds. Now you can make delicious pop-up ice cream yourself with Manostile's silicone molds. They come in a pack of 2 with 2 of the same color. Fill the molds with what you want in your ice cream, put the lid on and put them in the freezer for a few hours. You then have your own ice cream ready to serve. The molds can be put in the dishwasher after use. Manostyle's ice cream molds are made of 100% BPA-free silicone. Free from PVC and phthalic Make delicious homemade ice cream Quick and easy to make your favorite ice cream Dishwasher safe Environmentally friendly and a good alternative to regular plastic and paper packaging

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