Manostiles Danish Design

Children's cutlery - Blue

€69,00 EUR

Manostyle children's cutlery in silicone in a beautiful blue colour. Manostyle's children's cutlery set consists of a spoon, a fork. The soft silicone is good for the little ones and also good for the slightly older children when they have to practice eating on their own. It is healthy for the child's development and senses.

The cutlery is light and has a good shape that the child can easily hold. Manostyle's silicone children's cutlery is dishwasher safe - and won't break if it ends up on the floor.

The cutlery matches the color of our heart plates.

Product information:

  • Free of BPA and phthalates
  • Safe contact with food (LFGB certified)
  • Practical: dishwasher safe and won't break if dropped
  • Stable temperature in contact with heat and cold
  • Colour: Blue

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