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Baby Package Luxury Starter Package

€1.499,00 EUR €2.841,00 EUR

Create the best environment for your baby to grow up. With a baby package from Manostiles, you get everything you need for your baby to feel good. The baby pack is designed to fit both boys and girls.

Included in the baby package is a nursing pillow, a bed skirt, changing pad, baby bedding, a wet wipe case, our bestseller changing bag, clutch, uro and a soft huggable rabbit where the pacifier can be tied. All parts are made of high quality cotton that is soft and delicious for your child.

On top of that, we have free shipping, day-to-day delivery and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So do like hundreds of other mothers and order your baby package for your child.

Discount codes do NOT apply to this baby package! You already save 50%👌🏼


Normal price NOK 2841

It's insanely cheap with quality products for that price.
Definitely a bestseller and recommendation.

Colour: Brown - Diaper bag black

Material: Organic cotton and polyester diaper bag

Price: NOK 1,499 Normal price NOK 2,841

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